FERU will be recognised worlwide as one of the leading ‘safety-at-height’ companies;


We will be known for our outstanding quality and innovation, setting the standard for the fall protection industry.

We will work proactively with end-users and our distribution partners to identify their specific product and training needs and provide a package of “safety-at-height” solutions.

We will be recognised as providing best-in-class customer service, technical support and delivery and will ensure that our customers’ expectations are exceeded, wherever they operate.

We will take a leadership position in working proactively with compliance entities, industry bodies, our customers & end-users and their respective employees to continually mitigate the risk to workers operating at height, resulting in a global increase in the effective use of fall protection equipment.

We will develop our people, structure and internal systems to allow us to continue to grow. We operate safely and act responsibly towards our community and environment.



Our business ethics, governance standards and safety record will reflect our leadership position in our critical global industry.



At FERU, we recognize that our customers are at the heart of our success. Consequently we strive to deliver excellence in customer service and to proactively seek feedback on ways we can improve our products and services and continue to provide the safest and most comprehensive range of fall protection products in the industry.

As FERU continues to grow, we have formally written down a detailed set of principles as to “how we do things around here” for the benefit of both the longstanding FERU employees and those who have joined us more recently. It sets the standard for how we should interact with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

While the attached “Code of Business Conduct” refers to other policies in our local companies, which inevitably are tailored to the national laws and customs in each of the countries we operate in, the Code sets the tone and flavour of how we operate, and what other stakeholders should expect of us.

This Code is discussed as part of the induction of new employees and thereafter annually, and we have an external service provider that employees can contact anonymously if they wish to report concerns to people outside their normal management structures.