Ferudun YILDIZ

Ferudun YILDIZ is based on many years of successful experience in the education sector as well as in different other sectors as engineering / business / finance / business law. Branches of trained staff are exclusively trained by the FERU GmbH which was established in 1990 to provide high security for individuals and continued its career in Europe by offering outstanding services.

In addition, the production sector is the main customer of FERU and determines the formation of standards and FERU is proud to deliver to this market. In 2005 the Turkey Istanbul branch of the European based company operated in the same sector with the same principles presented by our respected customer service. The company's founders and employees and need to have phase of the project the existing buildings (Telecom poles, electricity poles, power transmission lines, Lighting poles, base stations, telecommunication towers, steel silos, oil refineries, and the trapezoidal membrane roofs, glass / steel facades, tanker filling facilities , Instruments of sampling stations, power plants, dams, towers, cranes, high-storey buildings, office blocks, industrial units, retail sales complexes, bridges, Plazas, etc.) required that the study of areas of high health and safety is all the information, support, between the proposal and all the international standards (including CE marking) provides that carry products.In addition, these services in accordance with international standards between the predicted (together with the documents that have) projecting responsibly share / commitments and guarantees.Customer testimonials based on the promise of such a dynamic approach will increase continuously FERU 's high amount of work safety at the forefront of all global markets.