Detent Wall Anchor

Utilising pre-installed sockets in to concrete, the detent wall anchor allows the user to connect and disconnect from an anchorage point simply by pressing a button.


• Allows user to work at different locations where a socket is pre-installed, with a single detentpin.

• Light weight and portable, allows user to easily move from jobsite to jobsite. User can keep it connected to lanyard at alltimes.

• Socket can be installed into concrete and can be used on wall, floor and ceiling applications.

• Cover Cap available to allow the socket to blend into décor, ensuring aesthetics are not compromised.

• Allows connection of lanyard to enable worker be connected in either fall restraint or fall arrest.

• 22 kN rated Anchorage point standards.

• Complies to EN 795 Class A and Class B standarts.

Ease of Use

The Detent Wall Anchor allows for the quick connection to a Class A anchor point by simply inserting the anchor pin in to pre-installed sockets, set in to concrete. Simple one handed operation allows the user quickly and safely attach before working at height. A press button detent pin enables the pin to plug in to the socket. Simply releasing the button locks the pin in place allowing the user to work safely. To release, depress the button once again and remove from the socket.



The Detent Wall Anchor can be used for many different applications. Window cleaning or areas of regular inspection and maintenance are ideal scenarios for the use of a removable anchor point. The pre-installed socket comes complete with a cover cap to ensure that the recess is not visible during non-operation. The ability to install on wall or floor enables the socket to be located at the most convenient place for the user. Sockets can be installed in various locations with the user taking the pin to each job site, thus reducing the need compromise interior design by installing ugly anchor points at each locatio

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