Evolution 200 Horizontal Lifeline

* Ideal for applications that require horizontal mobility such as truck, bus, railcar and crane rail inspection and maintenance.

* System requires no intermediate support, this removes overhead obstructions and reduces installation time and costs.

* Provides complete freedom of movement, hands free mobility and fall protection for added productivity and safety.

* Designed for a single user. An additional system can be installed to allow for applications that require two users. This enables the users to pass each other.

* High tension design reduces fall clearance requirements to 4.2 metres for a 61 metre system.

* System can be used with DBI-SALA StrongArm™ frames to provide overhead anchorage for the horizontal system.

* The evolution ™ 200 system is installed through our network of accredited installers.

* Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 1891.2 & 1891.4


Designed to combine remarkable ease of use with superior fall arrest safety performance, the innovative evolution™ 200 high tension system is capable of providing fall protection to spans of up to 61 metres - overcoming design complexities associated with anchoring overhead horizontal lifelines. The system is ideal when the presence of more frequent support structures for intermediate brackets would interfere with production activities, or when there is no structure to support intermediate brackets.

The user connects to the system by means of a newly designed shuttle that runs the length of the system, following the users movements. The shuttle attaches to the user’s full body harness via a self retracting lifeline, providing hands free mobility, allowing for: freedom of movement, increased productivity and the safety and security of total fall protection.