Myriad safety hazards are present in the utilities industry. Workers must climb towers, poles and ladders where electrical hazards can be a concern, or they may be lowered beneath the ground where noxious fumes could be present. Both of these situations, and indeed most utility applications, require versatile fall protection equipment that does not impede intervention in emergency situations. Capital Safety pioneered many of the product developments that have today become standard equipment in the utilities industry.

Sealed' 15m Heavy Duty Retrieval SRL

Sealed' 15m Heavy Duty Retrieval SRL
Sealed' 15m Heavy Duty Retrieval SRL

* Stainless steel and cast aluminum housing for corrosion resistance

* 50 ft. 3/16" galvanized steel wire rope for durability

* Built in retrieval winch for raising/lowering load during emergencies

* Environmentally sealed design for safety, even in harsh environments

* Self adjusting disc brake for reliability

* Reserve lifeline retention system for added safety

* Self-locking swivel snap hook with impact indicator

* Swiveling anchorage loop to prevent twisting of lifeline

* Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359


These sealed SRL's incorporate a revolutionary patented concept that separates all dynamic components, including the motor spring and brake, from foreign elements such as grease, moisture and dirt. You always know your SRL is operating at peak efficiency, without worries about what is happening inside the housing, no matter how dirty or damp your environment. The retrieval feature is one more way we're adding versatility to this product range.